'One-Stop' Corona Website Opened

US ‘One-Stop’ Corona Website Opened


President Joe Biden announced the opening of a government-integrated website that can handle coronavirus-related issues at once, and asked Congress to approve emergency funding for the coronavirus.

President Joe Biden held a press conference on response to the pandemic at the White House on the 30th, saying that the coronavirus pandemic has entered a “new moment” in the United States. President Biden said the pandemic was not yet over, but he stressed that “the virus is no longer limiting us.” The government said that it has prepared a new tool to protect the people, and that it has opened a government website that can handle everything related to the corona virus at once.

The government’s new corona website is called ‘COVID.gov‘, and it is a website where you can access and process all information on Corona tests, vaccines, treatments, masks, etc., including the latest information on Corona. So, if you just type in this address, the hassle of having to go to various websites to get corona-related information will disappear.

President Biden also described the site as a “one-stop-shop” for Americans to address all their coronavirus-related needs. The site, which went into operation on the 30th, lists nearly 90,000 vaccination sites in the United States. There is also information on how to obtain masks and where to get corona test and treatment. In addition, it has a search function that allows you to find the latest information on the current situation of Corona in a specific area.

You can also find new corona programs that have not been seen before on this site. A so-called “test to treat” program is also available. The program, which enables corona treatment at the same time as corona test, allows people to get free antiviral treatment on the spot if they test positive for coronavirus at a pharmacy. The Center for Testing for Treatment can also be found on this site.

“Testing for treatment” is what President Biden said in his New Year’s address. The White House says more than 2,000 “treatment testing stations” have been set up across the country since President Biden announced the plan. In particular, the Ministry of Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of National Defense have set up 240 inspection stations to provide services for veterans and active-duty military personnel and their families, he explained.

President Biden has urged Congress to approve $22 billion in emergency funds to help the government continue its fight against the coronavirus. President Biden said that without Congressional coronavirus relief funds, it would be difficult to maintain coronavirus testing stations after June, and the vaccine could run out as early as September. Currently, Democrats and Republicans are negotiating with the Republican Party over the coronavirus emergency fund requested by the government, but the possibility of a compromise is still unclear.

Even now, the Corona Response Fund is not in a situation that has enough room. The White House said in the past two weeks that government compensation has already stopped for health care providers that have treated uninsured people due to a lack of finances, and it has also canceled orders for additional vaccines and next-generation treatments. The White House pointed out that this situation would be the most damaging to people at the highest risk, such as minorities and people with disabilities.

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