Top 10 Mistakes on Marriage Green Card Application(N-400)

1. Completing the Application Illegibly

Your application will certainly get sent out back if no person can read it. USCIS. gov advises that anybody who draws up their application by hand so do neatly. It is likewise crucial to compose just in the spaces offered.

2. Forgetting to Double-Check the Application

Many people forget to double-check their applications, according to a post on the USA. Leaving areas blank, composing in gray locations, or making mistakes on an application will cause it to be rejected.

3. Using Incorrect Materials on Forms

Candidates must complete their types utilizing pens with blue or black ink just. Using other colors, like red, or highlighters can make your application products undetected when they are scanned, according to USCIS. gov. White out can cause problems too.

4. Providing Untruthful Answers

Immigration defense lawyer Meredith Brown stated on that many applicants might be uninformed of the repercussions of “fudging” some info on their kinds. Leaving out essential info, like an old arrest, can then result in troubles throughout the interview with an immigration officer. Lying in an interview is perjury.

5. Not Submitting Evidence and Translations

In addition to an application, you have to submit evidence and documentation. Individuals occasionally forget to enclose documents, or doing this in a foreign language. If your documents are in a language besides English, you need to submit a translation, according to USCIS. gov.

6. Failing to Pay the Correct Fee

One of the most typical errors people make is sending out in a cost for the wrong amount or not including a charge at all, according to a post on USA. gov. This causes a rejection. Make out checks to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and send a separate check for each application.

7. Forgetting to Follow the Letter

Some individuals are given a letter by their immigration officer at the end of their meeting. This letter could be requesting for more files. Not following the guidelines in the letter can postpone the application, according to USA. gov.

8. Sending in Information Too Soon

In a rush to get the process started, individuals often send out in their applications before they fulfill the requirements, according to USA. gov. Even if you will qualify, wait. Your application will certainly be returned without the cost if you send it too early.

9. Refiling Before Determining Errors

Some individuals refile prior to they understand why their application was declined, frequently leading to a new rejection. USCIS. gov states that people must write to prior to refiling.

10. Missing the Interview Without Notification

Something may come up that makes it impossible for you to make your interview. Do not just fail to show as this results in your case being cased, according to USCitizenship. information. Compose to the office where your interview is arranged to get a brand-new meeting time.

The citizenship process can be long and you may really want to hurry to obtain it over as rapidly as possible. Hurrying can lead to more delays and a longer process overall.

MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff