The Dr. Koh couple donate $1 million Scholarship Fund

Donating through the Seoul National University Alumni Association in the USA

Providing $10,000 in annual scholarships to Korean American students in Michigan

[ Kim] Dr. Kwang Kook Koh and Dr. Kook Hwa Koh, founders of Chrysan Industries Inc, a global manufacturer of automotive lubricants and specialty chemicals, have established a $1 million scholarship fund to benefit future generations.

Dr. Kwang-Kook and Kook-Hwa Koh have established a $1 million scholarship fund for future generations.

Named the Kwang and Koo-Wha Koh’s Science and Engineering Scholarship Fund, the scholarships will be available to undergraduate and graduate students studying in science and engineering fields, Dr. Koh explained.

Administered through the SNU Alumni Association in the Americas, the scholarship fund will provide a total of $10,000 in scholarships each year to students selected by the SNU Alumni Association in the USA and $10,000 to students from Michigan selected by the Michigan Chapter. The level of scholarships per individual is expected to vary depending on the number of applicants selected.

The scholarships will be managed exclusively by Dr. Hongtack Han at the American Alumni Association in Los Angeles, and a scholarship committee will be formed within the Michigan Chapter to be in charge of selection.

In an interview with on the 18th, Dr. Ko said, “We also studied very hard,” and recalled, “We were able to study with scholarships, and it was our ongoing dream to create a scholarship foundation.”

The Koh couple have also established a scholarship fund at their alma mater, the University of Iowa, which reached $1 million by 2021 and has awarded scholarships to 27 U.S. students in the past two years, as well as a scholarship fund at Seoul National University in 2008 and a scholarship fund at their church, the Presbyterian Church in South Lyon, Michigan.

Dr. Kook Hwa Koh, the first female engineer to earn a Ph.D. from South Korea, has also been a successful entrepreneur, founding Chrysan in 1977 in Plymouth, Michigan. Dr. Koh has received several patents in metalworking fluid technology and manufactured cutting fluids, synthetic coolants, and stamping fluids for the metalworking industry.

Chrysan has since diversified its product portfolio into automotive and industrial lubricants, aerospace lubricants, greases, rust inhibitors, process cleaners, and other specialty chemicals, and is currently working with Tesla and other electric vehicle producers to develop specialty oils for electric vehicles.

The Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers featured Dr. Koh in an online booklet that shares the stories and thoughts of 10 prominent women lubrication scientists and engineers with 25 or more years of professional experience, and she will also be included in a directory of engineers in Korea.

Dr. Kook-Hwa Koh is featured in Society of Tribologists and Lubrication Engineers

“You have to do what you want to do and do it to the best of your ability to succeed,” she said, adding that she hopes to pass on the lesson to future generations that “there’s nothing you can’t accomplish if you work hard enough.” “I couldn’t fully fulfill my responsibilities of being a good mom and a good wife because of my business,” she says, “I don’t think you can balance it all. Success comes with sacrifices,” she added.

One of the problems with the Korean American community in Michigan is that many of the elderly leave the state for sunnier climes when they reach retirement age, making it difficult to form a solid foundation to support the community.

“We’re not leaving Michigan, we’re going to stay here,” the Dr. Koh couple said, building another cornerstone to contribute to the community that they have grown up in, toiled, worked, and experienced the highs and lows of for more than 40 years.

Even though the world is getting harsher and harsher, there is still hope because of the kindness shown by the seniors, and there will surely be future generations who will dream bigger dreams.

The Koh couple pose for a photo in front of the Chrysan building they founded.
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