Selfridge Military Air Museum

Selfridge Military Air Museum Announces Public Access Project

Selfridge Air National Guard Base, Michigan — The Selfridge Military Air Museum is seeking  partners to fund a project, that when completed, will allow public access to the museum directly off of Rosso Highway without having to enter Selfridge Air National Guard Base. 

Currently, the museum can only be accessed by entering the base, which is a secure military  installation. Anyone without the proper government identification is required to have a  mandatory security background check performed, as well as providing a current and valid  U.S. driver’s license, current vehicle registration, and proof of insurance before being allowed  access to the Museum.  

Selfridge Military Air Museum
Selfridge Military Air Museum

“We are excited to announce this initiative to unlock the rich history of Michigan aviation and  the Michiganders who have served their State and Nation here for more than a century,” said  retired Brig. Gen. Doug “Odie” Slocum, Museum Board Member. “This will open the doors to  everyone and showcase our legacy, promote STEM education, and provide a community  destination for social gatherings and events right in the very shadows of Michigan’s Hometown  Air Base.”

With thousands of exhibits, interactive learning demonstrations, and an amazing collection of  aircraft and historical displays, public access will help create a new tourist destination and  event center that can drive economic development for all of Southeast Michigan. 

“The project is approved and we are working with base, county, state, and federal officials to  make this a reality,” said Slocum. “We’re ready to move out as soon as resources are  available.” 

With a remarkable 105 years in service as one of our nation’s oldest continually operating  military airfields, Selfridge is steeped in history that chronicles not only Michigan’s legacy of  flight, but also our nation’s history. With roots beginning in 1917 on land leased to the  government by auto innovator Henry B. Joy, and known as, “The Land of The Generals”,  Selfridge is a prominent landmark in the story of our country’s aviation pioneers including The  Wright Brothers, Billy Mitchell, Charles Lindbergh, Jimmy Doolittle, Carl A. Spaatz, Curtis LeMay, and many more.  

In 1975, the Michigan Air Guard Historical Association and the Selfridge Military Air Museum  were formed by a group of Air National Guard officers and enlisted personnel. The museum’s mission is to help preserve the heritage and traditions of the Michigan Air National Guard,  Selfridge Air National Guard Base, and the units that are, or have been, stationed there. 

You can learn more about the museum and the project by watching this video narrated by  Michigan’s own Mort Crim:

To see how you can help, visit:

Selfridge Military Air Museum  : 27333 ‘C’ Street, Harrison Twp, MI 48045 

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