Patrolman dies after making fun of ‘kiss my ass’ at vaccine order

A Washington State Patrol member has died after refusing Governor Jay Inslee’s order to make vaccinations mandatory and mocking the governor for “kissing my ass”.

WSP announced that Robert Ramay, 50, died on the 28th of last month. Patrol officers did not disclose the cause of Lamai’s death, but several media outlets said he died of COVID-19.
Lamay is one of 74 operators who left WSP last year due to coronavirus vaccination mandates for Washington state officials.

Vaccination requirements implemented by Governor Insri required all civil servants to be fully vaccinated by October 18th. Civil servants who did not complete their vaccinations by the deadline or who did not receive religious or medical exemptions were fired.

He appeared on a radio broadcast ahead of his forced retirement, saying, “I’ve been serving the people of Washington State for 22 years, and I’m being asked to leave.”

Lamay ended the farewell broadcast by saying, “Jay Insley can kiss my ass.”

MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff