Oakland County Treasurer Robert Wittenberg Works to Prevent Property Tax Foreclosures

With the recent inflationary increases in housing, utilities, groceries and interest rates,  Oakland County residential and commercial property owners may have trouble making ends meet, potentially subjecting them to foreclosure due to unpaid delinquent property taxes.

A residential or commercial property tax foreclosure devastates families, employees, neighborhoods, communities and our local economy. That’s why Oakland County Treasurer Robert Wittenberg and his staff work diligently throughout the year to help residents and business owners retain their property rights.

“Our residents and businesses are the driving force that makes Oakland County a great place. We must prevent property tax foreclosure for our residents and businesses to ensure our communities continue thriving,” said Oakland County Treasurer Robert Wittenberg.

Since December 2022, the Treasurer’s Office has held nearly 1,000 Taxpayer Assistance Meetings and negotiated repayment plans to help property owners with unpaid property taxes from 2020 and prior years. During the one-on-one meetings, property owners may be eligible for an affordable repayment schedule or receive resource referrals for additional programs and services.

Everyone is encouraged to pay their 2020 and prior delinquent property taxes in full before the redemption deadline on March 31, 2023. If you cannot pay your delinquent property taxes in full, contact the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office to schedule a Taxpayer Assistance Meeting. Failure to pay the delinquent taxes or enter into a repayment agreement may result in the loss of your property. 

The Taxpayer Assistance Meetings are held by phone. To schedule a meeting, visit the Oakland County Treasurer’s Office website at oakgov.com/treasurer or call (248) 858-0611.

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