Nothing can stop Innovation and Creativity at Mando

The next time you use the breaks to stop your car think about the intelligent work and design that went into your cars performance. Most of us just get in our new car and drive it, never thinking about how it was put together.
3 (1)However at Mando they use the best engineers in the industry to create its innovative break, steering and suspension system. Every year since 2003 The Brake Control Team at MCA Detroit R&D Center conduct a intense winter test, in order to meet the North American customers’ ESC needs. In 2012 the bitter cold winter test took place at China Heihe. The budget for this reached 470 million including 220 million as the track rental fee. The winter test was carried out to achieve three purposes.
First, to tune the ESC to be installed in GSUV (Buick Encore, Chevy Compact SUV) for the North American and Chinese markets, to meet customers‘ preferences and complete the joint evaluation with GM.
Secondly, to check the EPB software installed in 2013 GM vehicles before starting mass production and to pre-check the software to be installed in the 2014 models.
Lastly, to secure Engineering Green for future contracts with GM through vehicle Demos related the different types of vehicles we work with.
Mando pursue continuous business innovation that aims to establish all time innovation systems that encourage employees to voluntarily participate in business innovation and respond more quickly to environment changes.
Mando Sustainability
In 2011 Mando spent 7.5 million in creating new jobs locally. Eighty –one positions in engineering along with sales and marketing were created. In Atlanta, GA 650 new positions were filled. Mando biggest advantage is keeping in step with industry growth while nurturing relationships globally. Vice President Steve Cho says “Our outstanding commitment to using advanced technology in Korean gives us a competitive edge, as well as taking good care of our over 8,000 employees for this is where our core values remain. Some of the challenges we face are language barriers, developing new ways to growth together. As well as provide ways to adapt confident career paths such as engineering.
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What Sets Mando apart from the competition?
Mando works hard to keep up with competitive pricing with suppliers. At Mando detailed workmanship, excellent quality and service goes into all of its global automotive products. In order to penetrate the market engineers stay focused on new technology to develop the ESC control system. Vice President Steve Cho says “We create and develop more use and value for designing our products.” In 2011 our volume increased to 835 Million,with major global networks operating in the, US, Asia, and Europe.
Besides the engine these are the most important part in the automotive chassis, These guard the system of drivers and ensure smoother ride. Customers demand safety and as a leader Mando is Korea’s leader at producing cutting-edge safety system.
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The World’s Cutting Edge in Automotive ESC, MDPS System.
Break system – that can stop a care
Steering system– that can control the direction of care
Suspension system– that can absorb damage from the road
Mando always values innovation and creativity.
At Mando we never cease to encourage ourselves to engage in uninhibited free imagination, and are continuously contributing to a pool of various creative ideas. This novel and exiting process drives us to break away from conventional thinking and framework in order to reinvent ourselves, to pursue the uncharted and unknown as well as contribute to the opportunity of new futures ideas.
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