[MI LIFE] The Detroit Shipping Company is not a shipping company

Foods and drinks to enjoy within the container boxes

Inside the Detroit Shipping Company

If you’ve turned to the Detroit Shipping Company at 474 ​​Peterboro St, Detroit, MI 48201 to send a stuff, you’ll feel cheated. You might think of it as a shipping company because of its name, but here you will have to be content with filling empty belly.

Stacking 22 shipping containers creates 10,000 square feet of family-friendly space, featuring an urban and stylish food court, bar, art gallery and stage.

Food halls were a nationwide trend. Since the project was announced in 2015, several similar food halls have been developed in Detroit.

Five local food vendors are operating within the container boxes: Detroit Dog Co., Brujo Tacos & Tapas, COOP, Monty’s Beef Company and Bangkok96. There are also two bars with outdoor seating, selling a variety of drinks.

Although it may differ from person to person, the most appetizing menu item on a chilly day is Coconut Curry Rice Noodle ($14). The broth of this noodle sold in Bangkok96 is rich but not salty, and full of taste. Because natural ingredients are used rather than condiments, the mouth is clean and there are no skin problems after eating.

The owner of Bangkok96 is Genevieve Vang, who was born in Bangkok and raised in France. Genevieve is a person with a warm smile and affection that only Asians may have. With her fluent English skills, she doesn’t mind joking around with customers, and she is a business woman who has the charm of winning customers’ hearts rather than earning money.

If you want to enjoy the local taste of Bangkok more deliciously than in Bangkok, rather than food tailored to American tastes under the Asian name, Bangkok96 in Detroit’s Midtown is strongly recommended.


MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff