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Since 1957, Trek, Inc. has been the leading supplier of aftermarket undercarriage products in North America. With over 55 years of experience in the industry, Trek, Inc. offers durable products that enable earthmoving machines to get the job done faster and more efficiently. Trek parts are designed to ensure safety and longevity of your equipment and manufactured for OEM compatibility with various brands, such as Caterpillar, John Deere, and Komatsu to name a few.

Trek currently has over 60 employees spread across 7 branches in the major cities of the United States and 3 branches in Canada. About 60% of Trek’s products are imported from Korea and the rest is imported from Italy, China, and Japan. In 2011, the company grossed about $58 million.

How is your company affected by the economy?

4 (1)According to Mr. Hong, the Chief Operating Officer, the oil, mining, and construction sectors as well as the weather can greatly affect their industry. Since the application for the heavy equipment is diversified, Trek has not been significantly affected by the slow economy. Trek is looking forward to multiple projects different regions of the countries that is in need of developing and restructuring of the infrastructures.

Quality Control
The demand for high quality replacement parts never ceases as a single non-productive day at a mining or construction site can translate to large sums of money being lost. Trek’s undercarriage parts are inspected to match or surpass OEM quality requirements. The fact that Trek’s parent company, DaeChang Forging Co. Ltd., has been supplying parts for Original Equipment Manufacturers for over 20 years speaks for itself. DaeChang Forging is one of the top 3 OEM suppliers of undercarriage parts to companies around the world and it also has been in business for over 55 years.
Product Testing2 (1)
Trek’s products are constantly tested in different ways to ensure that every component functions as it should, even under the toughest conditions. The Rough Road Test and the Rough Ground Test measure the durability of the products while the Product Breaking Test and the Seal Reliability Test make sure that the quality and reliability of the parts are superb. During testing done by OEM companies, Trek’s products proved to have better resistance to wear than some of the leading brands.

According to Steve Fiscor’s article Preparing for Future Growth, in the E&MJ Engineering and Minding E-Journal, countries like China, Chile, Australia, and Canada are creating jobs in natural resources. “These countries are blessed with abundant natural resources and they have the ability to harvest and export them,” Fiscor says. Trek still has tremendous room for growth for the future and it has bright future with their proven quality.
President Hong
Trek’s core values lie within its passion for excellence, loyalty, trust, and harmony among staff and employees. They always strive for excellent customer service, and they take pride to have one of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, DaeChang Forging, as their parent company. For more information about Trek, please refer to

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