Immigration Law Reform Nearly Stranded

The highly anticipated Build Back Better Act, which includes immigration reform bills passed by the House of Representatives at the end of last year, has finally failed to cross the Senate’s walls and is stranded.

The key point was that undocumented immigrants who entered the United States before early 2011 were granted two 5-year work permits twice for a total of 10 years, while deferring deportation.

As predicted through this media, it did not pass the Legislative Office of the U.S. Senate in the end, and it was due to the refusal of Senator Joe Manchin, who is a Democrat but a centrist. The bill did not get the necessary 50 votes.

Senator Joe Manchin (XV)
Senator Joe Manchin

Since early February, this issue has completely disappeared from the media. If only one more Democrat in the Senate had been a member of the Democrats, it would have been possible with a lot of effort.

Immigration reform during the three-year term of Biden’s first term is expected to take small steps through practical and executive orders without major changes.

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Author: MI Asian Staff