How to find the Best Heating And Cooling Companies In Michigan


Unpredictable weather is one thing that is very common in Michigan. One day you may have your heat on and the next you find yourself turning on the air conditioning. 

Both systems have to be ready to work with little notice and you need a company that you can trust to call when you need help with maintenance or repairs. 

Keep reading for tips on how to find heating and cooling companies in Michigan.

1. Check Out Websites 

Looking at the company websites for different heating and cooling companies is a good place to start. This will allow you to get a big picture of what is typically offered and the service areas of different businesses. 

Check out any FAQ pages that could help to answer some of the questions you may have prior to picking a contractor. 

2. Read Reviews

Reviews are very important when hiring any business. You want to consider the feedback of the customers they have worked with in the past. 

Some companies may list this information on their website. It is important to also check for reviews on Google and their rating on the Better Business Bureau site. The reviews outside of their website are important because they will not be filtered for the benefit of the business and give you a more honest picture of what working with that company will look like. 

3. Talk to Family, Friends, and Neighbors Who Have Used Heating and Cooling Companies in Michigan

Now that you have a good idea of the heating and cooling options in your area, you can talk with a few people that you trust for their opinions. It is likely that you know a few people that have needed repairs or maintenance on their furnace or AC unit in the past few years. Getting contractor referrals from them will help guide you toward an option that you are comfortable with. 

This gives you a warmer introduction when calling on a company because they will be excited about the referral and aim to give you the same satisfactory service that they provided to your friends and family. 

4. Educate Yourself

Write down all of the issues that you are experiencing with your heating or cooling unit. Keeping track of as much information as possible will help the service technician diagnose the problem sooner. 

Knowing as much as possible about your systems can also be helpful in the process. When the system was installed and any prior service repairs can affect how the new technician approaches the problem. 

5. Home Estimate 

It is important to never take a quote for furnace or air conditioner repair over the phone. While you may be able to describe the issue to the technician, there may be additional issues that you can not see at the time. 

When a technician comes out to your home for an estimate, it allows them to fully evaluate the unit and let you know of the fixes that need to be made. This will be a more accurate estimate of the labor costs and any parts that need to be ordered.

6. 24-Hour Service

If you have an issue with your furnace or air condition unit, it may not happen during the normal workday hours. You should be looking for a heating and cooling business that is available around-the-clock to provide service to your systems in a time of need. 

Hiring a company that provides 24-hour service will give you peace of mind that there is always a trained technician available to help. 

7. Specials

Replacing a furnace or AC unit can be very costly. The costs for maintenance tune-ups may not be in your monthly budget. It is important to consider costs when finding a heating and cooling company to hire. 

Businesses that offer discounts to you are keeping these costs in mind and try to lessen the financial strain that the repairs, maintenance, or installation may cost you. We offer several specials for a variety of your heating and cooling needs.

8. Ask About Insurance

Inquiring about the insurance coverage of the company is important. You want to be sure that you will not be liable if a technician is injured while performing the job in your home. 

Getting the details of the insurance and making sure that the coverage is clear before signing a contract with the company is crucial to save you money and liability in the future. 

9. Warranty

Coverage on service repairs and installation is crucial to look for in a company. If something goes wrong a week after your heating or cooling unit was repaired, you don’t want to get stuck with another repair bill for it. 

Finding out if the company has a warranty and what it covers can save you money long term. You may never need to use the warranty, but knowing that there won’t be any surprises after a repair can put your mind at ease. 

10. Learn What Sets Them Apart From the Other Companies

You may have narrowed down your list of companies by now. How do you choose which one to go with?

Learn what sets each company apart. We list out what sets us apart on our website so that you don’t have to search far to find it. 

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MI Asian Staff
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