We Provide Delicious Moments In Your Day

Delicious moments with your friends

Imagine the aroma of bread baking in your oven – or cookies, muffins or cakes. It’s the smell of home, warm and welcoming, with the promise of shared pleasures to come.

We provide not only bread but also delicious moments in your day that can be shared with your loved ones and friends having our bread and your favorite tea or coffee at home, work, or school.

Our Boulanger

Sunhyup Yoon

Mr. Yoon learned his trade in Korea. He came to Ann Arbor on a visit in 2010 and was surprised that with all the Korean restaurants around town but there were no Korean bakeries. Koreans would miss this.

In 2015, he launched Yoon’s Bakery to serve “the taste of home” to make them smile and feel warm inside. Yoon’s Bakery adds to the international flavor of Ann Arbor.

A few months later, he was surprised by how many Americans also love the Korean bread and adopt the Korean habit of dropping in to take home some treats.

Our bread is fluffy, moist, light with a mild taste, which makes you smile and be a little happier.
Our Promises
1. High Quality Ingredients

Understanding the importance of ingredients, we selectively choose the finest wheat flour, the best sea salt, sugar, fresh fruit, and vegetables for delectable flavors. We order sweet bean paste from the top supplier in Korea. No artificial color or preservatives are added.

2. Homemade

We always start with flour.  All cream filling or tops including custards are homemade.

Molding the dough
3. Freshly Baked Every Single Day

We bake our products from 5 am to noon and provide only fresh bread. Individually wrapped which make bread perfect for keeping at home to grab on the go.


Mon: Closed
Tue – Sun: 9am – 7pm

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