Romantic backdrop for American- & French-inspired Pan-Asian fare alongside a curated wine list.

Great food. Excellent service. Warm ambience. These elements are how many of our guests would describe Pacific Rim. But as important as they are to a great dining experience, to us they are still only secondary. When Y.B. and I set out to create Pacific Rim, the driving idea for us was hospitality. How do we create a restaurant that expresses our faith and values in extending genuine hospitality to all?

Hospitality is centered on relationship.
We believe cultivating good relationships is the cornerstone of our restaurant. That means treating our staff with dignity and respect. It means treating our guests with a sense of warmth and welcome, like being invited over for dinner. And most of all it means everyone with whom we interact at pacific rim, whether an employee or guest, leaves with a sense of having been enriched and uplifted.

Hospitality is based on honesty.
This value characterizes the entire process from procuring ingredients in the field to putting food on the table. We search the whole world (literally!) for ingredients that are honest – natural, fresh and wholesome. Then we prepare the food in a way that is authentic and healthy – making things from scratch and avoiding shortcuts. Finally, the process ends with wonderful food served to our guests at a fair and honest price.

Hospitality seeks to serve others.
Our guests are treated with service that is warm, friendly and attentive. But the idea of serving others doesn’t just apply to patrons of the restaurant. We serve our staff by providing an uplifting, caring and respectful working environment. In our daily staff dinners, we sit around a table, serve each other and enjoy good food together. Serving others also extends beyond our walls. We seek to serve our community by supporting and collaborating with local businesses and charities.



Mon-Thu 5:30-9:30pm
Fri-Sat 5:30-10:30pm
Sun 5:00-9:00pm

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