Our church is one of the representative churches of Korean American churches.

During the past history, we have been reborn in our spirituality due to God-given revival. It is a church where dedicated pastors have ministered evangelically, and lay people with outstanding leadership have served together in various ministries.

In addition, our church school system is equipped with the best conditions to pass on faith to our children, the next generation.

But more important than all of this is to us.
First, it is not just gathering, but 'God's Movement' must occur within us.

Second, is the change that God causes on each person, within the group, or within the church?

Third, are we in the church among ourselves? Or do you have a missionary movement toward the outside?

In the meantime, we have experienced God's Movement, and we have been carrying out missionary missions outside of the church as well as the changes that God causes.

If you come to our church, we can be the protagonists of these amazing things together.

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