COSTCO Business Center opens its first location in Michigan

On January 25, 2024, 7 AM in Southfiels

[MIAsian=Tackyong Kim] A Casco Business Center is coming to Michigan for the first time. Casco, which is building a 160,000-square-foot business-oriented shopping warehouse on a 13.4-acre site in Southfield near the former Northland Center mall, will open at 7 a.m. on Jan. 25 of next year.

According to the company, 70 percent of the business center’s products will be different from a regular Costco. Casco Business Centers will stock products that help small businesses, such as office supplies, restaurant supplies, and bulk food and beverages. Products focused on bulk purchases, such as bulk groceries, will be displayed. Because it’s designed to be business-friendly, Casco Business Center will offer services not available at regular Casco.

“We will supply products for small businesses at the lowest prices and provide delivery services,” a Casco spokesperson told BONBO. “If there is a product that Korean-American business owners want to purchase, they can suggest it to the manager in charge via email,” he said, adding, “We will provide prices and services that are friendly to businessmen.”

While the Kasco Business Center is open to members with business accounts as well as the general public, it also features products for businesses, not just households. In addition, tobacco products that are currently available in regular Casco stores will be discontinued and sold exclusively in the Business Center. Retail liquor sales have not yet been finalized.

The once-thriving Northland Mall closed in 2015, and Casco has been interested in the location since 2016, Southfield Mayor Ken Sieber said.

There are 16 Casco locations in Michigan and 27 Casco Business Centers nationwide.

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