Census 2020 Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign Launches ‘Everyone Counts. Everyone Wins!’ Media Campaign

Multimedia campaign encourages participation in Census 2020

LANSING, Mich.– As promotional and outreach activities are ramping up across the nation ahead of the 2020 decennial census, the Michigan Nonprofit Association (MNA) is leading the statewide 2020 Nonprofits Count Campaign eight-week media campaign – “Everyone Counts. Everyone Wins!” – beginning September 30, 2019, and running through November 22, 2019.

An awareness and interest media campaign, “Everyone Counts. Everyone Wins!” seeks to encourage participation in the 2020 Census in communities throughout Michigan that are at significant risk of being undercounted. The media campaign aims to explain how census data directly impacts Michigan families and communities. 

Additionally, messages will highlight how census data directs the ways in which more than $675 billion in federal funds are distributed back to states and local communities every year for services including nutrition assistance, education and medical care. Ads also will focus on privacy and confidentiality.

“Everyone Counts. Everyone Wins!” will target Michigan’s historically undercounted populations through a series of statewide television, radio and Gas Station TV ads, as well as social media. Television ads will run on Comcast, Spectrum, Direct TV, Dish and WOW in select Michigan communities. Billboards will be placed in Detroit, Dearborn and Pontiac. In addition, the campaign will reach people throughout the state in 131 full-service Secretary of State branch offices via the Michigan Video Network.

The ad campaign will direct people to visit www.MIVoiceCounts.org to learn the importance and benefits of completing the census. The microsite offers an opportunity to see the questions the census will ask with the goal of easing fears and misunderstandings through transparency. An additional page provides more information, key dates and the ability to contact local nonprofits for more information about the 2020 Census.

Media campaign materials were developed by Detroit-based MCCI (Mort Crim Communications, Inc.) and are available in multiple languages including Spanish and Arabic. For more details, go to www.MIVoiceCounts.org.

About Census 2020 Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign 

Census 2020 Michigan Nonprofits Count Campaign is a collaborative, coordinated, statewide effort to encourage participation in the census in communities that are at significant risk of being undercounted. The campaign will mobilize nonprofits to educate communities on the importance of filling out the census, particularly in hard-to-count communities, provide trainings and tools for nonprofits on effective outreach tactics, assist nonprofits in identifying hard-to-count communities, award mini-grants to local nonprofits, coordinate a statewide communications plan and work with government officials to avoid duplication of efforts and enhance government’s communication and outreach efforts to ensure a complete and accurate count.

About Michigan Nonprofit Association

Incorporated in 1990, MNA is a statewide membership organization dedicated to serving the diverse nonprofit sector through advocacy, training, and resources. MNA manages multiple programs and affiliates and is a sponsoring organization for AmeriCorps VISTA. Visit us at mnaonline.org.

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