Biggest Mistake in Retirement Investing

With the onset of the coronavirus, many office workers have lost their jobs. The economic recovery over the past two years has helped many people find jobs again, and recently 51% of workers are seriously considering a new job and are actually moving to a new job, Fidelity finance company reports. When changing jobs or […]

Basics of Social Securiy Pension

Social Security is a basic social security benefit that is available to US residents who have worked legally and paid takes in the US for a certain period of time. While retiring with only a pension, it is never enough as a retirement plan. It is unfortunate to know that 50% of people who retire […]

Business Operation and Retirement Plan

Business Operation and Retirement Plan

There is a saying, “When an old man dies, a library disappears.” It refers to the knowledge and wisdom accumulated over a lifetime and the many experiences of one person. These precious elderly people immigrated to the United States and suffered all kinds of hardships and lived their whole lives raising children, but what remains […]

Importance of Financial Literacy

Florida just became the largest state to mandate personal finance education in high school. And in the United States, April is set as the month to pay attention to finances every year, so that basic financial knowledge is applied. In life, there are countless common knowledge about finances such as stock investment, bond and interest […]

The Importance of Diversification

The Importance of Diversification

Just as the most important thing in real estate investing is location selection, diversification is important when investing in stocks. Investors are well aware of the concept and importance of diversification. However, in reality, most investors do not diversify their investments without realizing it. The biggest reason not to diversify is because of greed. This […]

A Failing Investment

The stock market is fluctuating day after day due to a rise in the Fed interest rate, a shortage of material supplies, a crazy rise in house prices, a deformed omicron, the highest inflation in 30 years, and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. But one thing is clear. The fact is that the stock market has […]

The Stock Market Crash and Financial Products

The stock market is fluctuating day after day due to the uncertainty of the corona pandemic, the conflict with Russia, and inflation. Investors are also anxious and afraid at the news of the market crash. Some investors can’t even sleep well. The money you put in the bank here also pays little interest. He left […]

Difficulty in Investing in Individual Stocks

As Corona 19 led to a ‘stay at home’ life, many people became interested in stock investing. It was difficult to attend sports events, concerts were canceled, it was difficult to go to gambling places, and it was difficult to travel. Along with the stock craze, there was constant news that he made a lot […]

New Year’s Investment Decision

As we approach the new year (2022), the stock market experiences daily declines. The stock market correction reached the 10% decline. The stock market fever, which has been hot while staying at home due to the pandemic for the past two years, has cooled down and I am even afraid. Since 46% of Nasdaq stocks […]