Launch of Digital ESL program

The Office of Global Michigan is pleased to announce the launch of the Digital English as a Second Language (DESL) program. The DESL program is a 12-month state-wide initiative that will focus on individuals who face an English proficiency barrier to social integration and economic self-sufficiency. This project will strive to address the gap in […]


How you say Hi to someone from another culture often determines how the rest of the conversation will go. Greetings across different cultures can be a hug, a bow, a kiss, a handshake, or any combination of these. If either person becomes uncomfortable, then the rest of the conversation will probably not go well. By […]

Ten Tips to Improve Your SAT Scores

Start studying early and plan a reasonable schedule to advance your knowledge and performance in all the test areas. Locate the test center ahead of test day and arrive at least 15 minutes before the designated test time. Assemble all test materials in advance. For a complete test day checklist, please see: Pace yourself!  Bring a […]

Free ESL Conversation classes

Hello everyone! What a crazy spring  we are having— Now that the roads are getting better, here are some free  ESL classes to help you get more English practice.— These free conversation classes are in Canton, Plymouth, Novi and Ann Arbor. The only classes that have childcare are  the ones at the Friendship International Church […]

Tips to Producing a Good American Presentation

Being able to do a good presentation is often key to getting the sale or the additional funding.  Yet, there are different cultural expectations with regard to the role of the presenter and the audience. For example, in the U.S. if the audience doesn’t understand the presentation and doesn’t ask questions, then it is believed […]

Idioms that Asians must know (1)

“Did you hear through the grapevine that the boss wants us to think more outside the box?  I want to keep you in the loop and not beat around the bush, he is very unhappy with the rising cost projections.” If you are wondering what the above means, you are not alone. These four idioms […]