As the only Media Outlet for 410,000 Asian Michiganders, MI Asian offers businesses a unique opportunity to target the Asian American demographic. Asian American Consumer Market is now $1.2 trillion.

Asian American households on average have a 41% higher income than the national average and that buying power adds up. By 2024, Asian American buying power is projected to reach $1.6 trillion. Asian American households usually spend more annually than the national average on housing (+24%), food (+29%), education (+128%), apparel (+67%) and new cars (+$37%). Historically, this hasn’t translated to media, however, new digital platforms and more inclusive content are attracting and galvanizing this audience. [Forbes]

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are projected to become the largest immigrant group in the United States by 2055, according to Pew Research. AAPI buying power has grown 222 percent, to $891 billion, since 2000, according to the Nielsen report. In addition to consumer behavior, the report found that AAPI women are majority or equal owners in 43 percent of AAPI-owned businesses.  

According to US Census 2020, there are 4.1% of Asians in Michigan, which is 413,171. By county, Oakland County has 120,040(9.4% of the total population) and Macomb County has 46,283(5.3%), Wayne County has 79,719(4.4%) and Washtenaw County has 40,635(10.9%).

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