7 Common Lifestyles of Long-lived People

According to a recent study, the secret to longevity lies in the way we live our lives, not in our innate genes.

A team of researchers from the Boston University School of Medicine found that people who live over 100 share common characteristics, such as what they eat and how they cope with stress. Here are 7 tips for living longevity.

Be physically active.

Numerous studies have shown that exercise improves mood, mental strength, balance, muscle mass, and bone health. And even if you start exercising for the first time, you will see results immediately.

You don’t have to stick to strenuous exercise. It is enough to just walk around the neighborhood or browse the local shops for 30 minutes a day. While resistance training is great for building muscle, yoga classes can have a similar effect.

Get at least 6 hours of sleep.

Sleep is a time when the human body performs an important function of managing and treating cells, and REM sleep, which is the treatment for the treatment, should be 6 hours for the elderly. For the elderly who are 100 years old, sleep is the top priority.

Do not become sensitive.

Studies have shown that survivors over the age of 100 don’t hide their worries inside or wrestle all night long.

If it’s difficult to overcome, you need to find a better way to manage your stress. Yoga, exercise, meditation, tai chi, or just a few minutes of deep breathing is fine.

Lead a regular life.

Survivors over the age of 100 tend to be strict about their routine. They eat the same things throughout their lives and do the same kinds of activities.

Going to bed at the same time every day and waking up at the same time every day is a good habit to keep your body in a state of balance, which can easily deteriorate with age.

As we age, we become physiologically weak. Therefore, it is very difficult to recover if you do not sleep overnight or drink too much. In particular, it weakens the immune system, increasing the risk of becoming more susceptible to epidemic viral and bacterial infections.

Interact with people.

Maintain regular contact with friends and loved ones. Depression, a leading cause of premature death, can be avoided, especially for older men and women who have lost their spouses in old age.

Some psychologists argue that the biggest benefit older people get from exercising is walking with friends and socializing in an exercise class.

Do not stop working.

Luigi Ferrucci, director of the Baltimore Institute for Longevity in the United States, said: “When people suddenly quit their jobs, the rates of obesity and chronic diseases skyrocket.

In Chianti, Italy, where the proportion of people aged 100 or older is high, most of them spend most of their day growing grapes and vegetables on small farms after retiring from work. never stop working.

Use dental floss.

Flossing can help keep your arteries healthy. A study by New York University researchers found that daily flossing reduces the risk of periodontal disease caused by bacteria in the mouth. Bacteria from your teeth can get into your blood and inflame your arteries, increasing your risk of heart disease.

People with high levels of bacteria in their mouths may also have thickened arteries as a sign of heart disease. Experts say that flossing twice a day can actually increase life expectancy.

MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff