Ace Golf’s Xperon Ball Puts Amateur and Professional Golfers in the Driver’s Seat

By Andre Goulet

Let’s face it: we all love golf.  Whether it’s the fresh air, the peace and quiet or simply the zen-like state we achieve while immersed in 9 holes, an afternoon of golf remains one of the most satisfying ways to while away a few perfect hours.  But life on the links comes with its own unique set of challenges and many of us yearn to increase our skill set.  Even with hours of practice, do you ever feel like your game is stuck in neutral?

Maybe you blame the clubs you’re using, or it could be a bad grip.   Maybe it’s your stance or the weather.  In the face of adversity, you may begin to obsess over how to hit the ball farther, or how to connect with better accuracy.  You might turn to more expensive clubs or even to golf lessons, hoping for tips on changing your game for the better.

But many golfers fail to see the importance of one of the smallest, but most vital elements of the game: the golf ball.  How many times has its unpredictable nature led your drive astray?  How many times have you watched it roll gently past the hole, only millimetres away from its destination?  How many times has your heart sunk at that instant of failure?  Like so many before you, you’re left to ponder that great golfer’s philosophical appeal of What Could Have Been?

But in the hand we’re dealt from the deck of golf hopes and dreams, one card’s an Ace.  Ace Golf’s Xperon ball, that is.  The Xperon is a dual balanced golf ball with patented technology which makes the ball more concentrated on a center of gravity than your typical golf ball.  The Xperon maintains exceptional balance which in turn improves accuracy. More and more golfers are finding that switching to the Xperon ball is shaving valuable strokes off of their game.


Professional golfer Han Eun-young appeared at the LPGA within two years of the beginning of her career.  In addition to her dedication and passion for the game, she began using the Xperon golf ball to give her an edge.  She described her experience with Ace Golf’s Xperon ball in positive terms:
“When selecting a ball to use, I find the ball’s spin and the way it connects with the club to be very crucial.  After using the Xperon, I’ve cut down a lot on missed shots and the spin’s great.  So the ball tends to go where I want it to go.”

And Ms. Han isn’t the only pro who’s seen a marked improvement in her game thanks to Xperon’s patented technology.  More on that later.

As I’m sure you can imagine, with the ever increasing number of golf ball manufacturers on the market today, it’s become more of a challenge to find the ball that’s right for you.  We can all agree that a good golf ball has to meet two specific metrics to satisfy:  a long driving distance and great spin control.  This allows us to send the ball in whichever direction we wish.  But, for that to happen, above all the ball has to maintain great balance.  Xperon’s patented technology makes it the ultimate ball for improved control and better direction.

To better understand how the Xperon leads to a better golf game, let’s examine the manufacturing process:

Typically when a golf ball is made, a core made of rubber and synthetic materials is inserted into a two-part mold.  An outer shell made of urethane is heated to wrap around the core.  It’s then dried solid.  During this process, air bubbles or unbalanced cores can affect the center of gravity of the ball, a common result in the traditional golf ball manufacturing process.  Hitting a ball that contains such anomalies tends to spin the ball towards the heavier side causing the ball’s trajectory to shift in surprising and undesirable ways.  This is more noticeable when the ball is slow, such as in putting.  Golf balls being manufactured today are marketed with a putting line, but this putting line give no true indication of its weight balance distribution.  A lot of golfers mistakenly believe that the putting line marks an accurate weight balance for the ball.  This is not the case.

Shin Hye-jin, a 4 year professional golfer for the LPGA, is well aware of the problems that arise with inaccurate putting lines.  Before using Xperon, no amount of practice would allow her to control the ball, which would often land in bunkers or out of bounds.  This led to more stroked and diminished fairway hits.  After making the switch to Xperon, she noticed a marked improvement in her game.  “When I used the Xperon ball, ball control became easier and in the end my scorecards began looking better.”  After using Xperon her accuracy went up, as did her confidence which led to an improved performance in tournament games.
Ace Golf’s Xperon golf ball uses patented technologies that align weight distribution to the laterally bonded putting line.  This allows the Xperon ball to find its putting line no matter how the ball is hit.  The Xperon ball aligns each ball with a guideline.  In standardized gravity tests, the Xperon ball shows a remarkable difference and superiority over its competitors.

Professor Park In-hae of Honam University’s Department of Golf Industry in South Korea has made analysis of golf ball use one of the primary focuses of her academic research.  She notes that “The principle behind the alignment of a golf ball is much like the wheel alignment in automobiles.  Should the tires be misaligned, it affects steering direction which can lead to traffic accidents.  So if the ball is even slightly misaligned, the probabilities of a miss shot become greater.”

Because of the way golf balls are made, not all balls share the same weight balance.  That’s why it needs to go through an elaborate and complicated development process.  . The Xperon, after going through it’s rigorous production process, has been shown to drastically improve even the direction of the ball.
With a pre-marked putting line and driver bar, driving distance has been shown to improve by 5% while direction of the ball improves by a dramatic 50%.  By having the putting line visible on the putting side when teeing off, driving accuracy becomes significantly enhanced.

For an improved game and a higher level of confidence on the putting green, you’ll want to make the switch to Ace Golf’s dual balanced Xperon.  The Xperon ball is a tool for golf lovers who enjoy the satisfaction a good game of golf offers, and for professionals who are looking for that extra little bit of confidence in the next tournament.

With these superior characteristics, it’s easy to see why Ace Golf and their patented Xperon golf ball technology are becoming major players in the golf marketplace.

Are you ready to dramatically improve your golf game?  Make the switch to Xperon!

MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff