5 Minute Plank to Lose Belly Fat Even If You Don't Do It Every Day!

5 Minute Plank to Lose Belly Fat Even If You Don’t Do It Every Day!

Our honest belly, which comes out easily if we neglect our exercise for a few days or eat a little more than usual. In particular, belly fat is one of the areas that does not fall out easily, so today, plank, the standard of abs exercise for effective belly fat reduction. I’m ready. It’s quite a challenging and intense workout for beginners, so you can follow the relatively easy options I’m giving you, and if you can’t stand it in the middle, you can take a break and try again. It may not work as well as you think at first, but if you keep repeating it, you will gain the knack and strength, and you will be able to do the 5 minute plank without rest. Today, I do my best to the extent that I can and have fun exercising! Let’s Go!!

It’s easier if you follow the video below and find it!!

Search for ‘hayeon, a woman who reads yoga’ in the YouTube search bar, then find the 5-minute plank episode in the latest video and try it.

(1) Elbow Plank

Step 1 In the quadruped position, lower your elbows under your shoulders.

Step 2 Stretch one leg at a time to make the whole body long.

Step 3 Make sure that your hips do not go higher than your shoulders and strongly contract your abdomen towards your back.

Caution! Move your shoulders away from your ears to release as much tension in your neck as possible.

Step 4 If you can’t hold on for 1 minute, you can hold on to your knees in the middle. But don’t put your stomach on the floor!

(2) Side Plank and Deformation Motion

Step 1 From the elbow plank, place your palms on your palms and make a basic plank.

Step 2 Place your right hand under your shoulder, raise only your left hand toward the ceiling, and rotate your heel to the right.

Step 3 If you have difficulty balancing, bring your left foot forward and support it as shown in the photo.

caution! Keep both hips on the same line, and use more abdominal strength to lift your hips so that your shoulders do not hurt.

Step 4 After 30 seconds, proceed in the opposite direction without rest.

(3) Elbow Side Plank

Step 1 Lower your elbows from the side planks before you back into the elbow planks.

Step 2 Rotate your torso as you did before, this time lifting your right elbow off the floor and holding it.

Step 3 If it is difficult to hold your feet together, spread them apart and hold them as shown in the photo.

Step 4 After 30 seconds, do the opposite

(4) Basic Plank

Step 1 Get into a plank position with your palms on your elbow side planks.

Step 2 With your wrists under your shoulders and firm abdominal contractions, push your chest off the mat

Step 3 If you take the strength of the sphincter and the strength of the core together, you will be able to last for 1 minute.

caution! If your wrist hurts or is weak, go down to the No. 1 elbow plank and proceed.

(5) Rainbow Plank

Step 1 Return to the elbow plank and move your hips from side to side, imagining a rainbow shape.

Step 2 As it is the last plank, it is easy to lose strength, so pull the abdomen more toward the back and keep breathing.

Step 3 Tighten between the thighs and continue the hip dip.

** After 5 minutes of plank, don’t forget to relax your shoulders and neck with the video!

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