5 Healthy Foods that are not Healthy

There are many foods on the shelves of supermarkets that look like they are good for the body, but actually contain excessive amounts of “inappropriate” ingredients such as sugar and salt. What kind of junk food is good for camouflage? U.S. health media ‘WebMD’ organized it.

◆ Jerky = An essential snack for hiking or camping. There are also claims that it can help with weight loss by preventing binge eating. The problem is that beef jerky is rich in protein, but also contains a lot of sodium at the same time. Dietitian Rebecca Lewis points out, “So eating a lot of jerky makes you thirsty and bloated.”

◆ Soybean = Meat tastes like meat, but foods that are plant-based are also a subject of attention. This is because it contains questionable ingredients such as processed soy protein, canola oil, caramel color, and xanthate gum. According to Lauren Blake, a nutritionist at the Ohio State University Medical Center, it is better to consume natural whole foods such as beans, eggs, dairy products, and nuts rather than artificially made meat.

◆ Vegetable chips = Vegetables are good for the body, but not fried. Whether the ingredients are sweet potatoes or kale, that fact does not change. Commercially available vegetable chips contain saturated fat and trans fat during the frying process. “If you’re going to eat vegetable chips, it’s best to make them yourself,” says internal medicine specialist Dr. Adrien Yudim. Use good oil and do not sprinkle with salt.

◆ Low-fat peanut butter = “Fat-free” or “Low-fat” label gives the product a healthy image. However, the calories of “low-fat” peanut butter are not significantly different from regular peanut butter. This is because a lot of sugar goes in to make up for the lost fat.

◆ Pretzels = Long kneaded flour to form a heart-shaped knot and then baked. Compared to sweet bread because of its light and salty taste, it may seem like a healthy snack, but the truth is different. Pretzels also contain a lot of sugar, according to nutritionist Kara Walsh. Besides, it is just a refined carbohydrate food that can harm your health.

MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff