4 Bad Shower Habits You Should Avoid

Washing your face in the shower or using a bath loofah incorrectly can cause problems that adversely affect your health. The Daily Mail, a British daily, introduced 4 bad shower habits to avoid.

Washing your face while taking a shower

It seems like washing your face in the shower can do two things at the same time. However, this can ruin the skin of your face.

According to American skin care expert Kay Scott, hot water and pressure in the shower can ruin your skin. The hot and powerful shower water stimulates and worsens the weak capillary network on the cheeks of the face, exposing unsightly capillaries and damaging the skin.

In addition, hot water removes the natural protective oils from the skin of the face, making the skin dry and wrinkled. Therefore, you have to wash your face separately by pouring lukewarm water into the sink.

Using a bath scrubber

When you use a bath scrubber, your body feels very clean. But Dr. Matthew Knight, a dermatologist in Orlando, USA, says, “Avoid mesh-type bath scrubbers.

He said, “This mesh of sponge-type bath scrubbers can pose a health risk because it attracts dead skin cells from the body and becomes an optimal place for bacteria to grow,” he said.

Standing with your feet in the soapy water

Soaking your feet in the soapy water under the shower will make your feet clean. However, the opposite effect occurs.

If you share a shower with someone with athlete’s foot, mold may remain in the shower. Mold likes a warm, damp environment, and soapy water doesn’t help in this situation.

It is best to wash your feet after soaking them in tea tree oil. It is also recommended to disinfect the shower after using it, and ensure that your feet are completely dry between the toes.

Using a damp razor

If you use the razor after storing it in a damp place, it can infect the skin. Using a damp razor in the shower, where old hair and dead skin cells fall off, can lead to ingrown hairs (hairs that grow inside the skin) and skin problems.

Experts say, “You should put the razor in bleach or vinegar diluted with water about once every two weeks for 5-10 minutes and then scrub it with a toothbrush.”

MI Asian Staff
Author: MI Asian Staff