Cultural Awareness


Asian News Cultural Awareness 03/24/2016 0 Comments

Meetings are an important part of every business day. They are used to train groups on new methods or processes, to solve problems, to develop new corporate strategies or policies and to inform large groups of the same company information.  While the meeting functions are often the same in every culture, meeting attendance is not the same across cultures. A…

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Tips to Producing a Good American Presentation

Cultural Awareness 03/20/2016 0 Comments

Being able to do a good presentation is often key to getting the sale or the additional funding.  Yet, there are different cultural expectations with regard to the role of the presenter and the audience. For example, in the U.S. if the audience doesn’t understand the presentation and doesn’t ask questions, then it is believed that the presenter was ineffective…

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What American Businesspeople Should Know About Korean Culture

Cultural Awareness 02/15/2016 0 Comments

Country in Perpetual Transition Korea has gone through numerous political, economic and social changes in recent years. While this is true for most countries in the world, the breadth and depth of the changes in Korea are substantial, due to extraordinary modernization, development, globalization and democratization. In 1866, an armed U.S. merchant ship, the General Sherman, attempted to sail through…

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Why Asian Americans don’t vote Republican

Cultural Awareness 01/21/2016 0 Comments

A voter drops off her election ballot at a drop box in Oregon. Richard Clement/REUTERS   During the recent No Labels-hosted Problem Solver Convention in New Hampshire, things got a little uncomfortable. When Joseph Choe, an Asian-American college student, stood up to ask a question about South Korea, Donald Trump cut him off and wondered aloud: “Are you from South…

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